Case Studies

Nation’s leading currency management service provider

Developed a cyber security strategy

Team: Jen Tan

Service: Cyber Security | Privacy

Our client, the nation’s leading currency management service provider, is part of a large corporate group with various subsidiaries, and therefore collects, stores and manages a significant amount of information.

We worked with the group to develop their cyber security strategy, including:

• providing board and management education on the duties, responsibilities, liabilities and risks regarding cyber security;
• working with their cyber security technical experts in preparing a cyber security incident response plan;
• advising on the requirements for compliance with the mandatory data breach notification obligations;
• pre-drafting notification statements for potential data breaches; and
• working with various teams to pre-draft media releases for publication to the public to manage reputational damage.

Within months, our client was affected by the high-profile PageUp data incident which affected personal information of many staff members, job applicants and referees. As a result of the cyber security strategy implemented, Piper Alderman was available immediately, and worked quickly under pressure to advise on the implications, next steps to take, and assist the client to navigate the potential consequences of this data incident. The incident response plan was critical in facilitating swift action by our client and minimising any potential flow on consequences to our client.

What our client said

In-house legal team said:

‘Thank you Jen for assisting the team in what has been a challenging week. You picked up the matter on such short notice and worked so well under high pressure to assist us. We are really grateful.’