On Demand: Defence Industry Masterclass Series – Adelaide: Session 2 – Intellectual Property Issues

On-Demand Webinar

As Australia’s commitment to the defence industry continues to grow, Piper Alderman is pleased to deliver a second year of the “Defence Industry Masterclass”, a four-part series of panel discussions designed to navigate the law of the defence industry.

In the defence industry, Intellectual Property is often talked about, but seldom well understood. This can lead to arguments and break down in negotiations about things that don’t matter, and a failure to recognise things that do matter. To say “we want to keep all the IP”, sometimes misses the point. Those involved in buying and selling goods and services in the defence industry need to understand:

  • What is Intellectual Property?
  • What Intellectual Property rights do they have which are crucial to their business?
  • How can those important Intellectual Property rights be best protected?
  • What are the options for resolving questions of ownership of Intellectual Property in Defence contract negotiation?
  • If the “Project IP” is assigned to the customer, what does the contractor have left?

Piper Alderman’s Juniper Watson talks with intellectual property experts Tim O’Callaghan (Piper Alderman) and Eyal D’vier (Lockheed Martin Australia) about important intellectual property issues in defence industry contracts. To view the recent discussion, click on the link below.