Defence Industry Masterclass Series – Adelaide: Session 3 – Cyber Concerns

As Australia’s commitment to the defence industry continues to grow, Piper Alderman is pleased to deliver a second year of the “Defence Industry Masterclass”, a four-part series of panel discussions designed to navigate the law of the defence industry.

The increase in cyber security incidents is causing businesses to lose money, incur significant liabilities and compromise their valuable information. Cyber security, data protection and privacy are concepts which are even more important in the defence industry, particularly where information is shared amongst multiple companies in the supply-chain. These issues are no longer just the responsibility of IT, but require the board, executive and legal teams to understand:

  • Laws and regulations in respect of cyber security, data protection and privacy;
  • The duties imposed on directors to manage cyber risks and the consequences of failing to do so;
  • Internally, what practical steps to take to manage these cyber risks and comply with legal obligations; and
  • Externally, how to deal with cyber risks and liabilities in third party contracts.