Defence Industry Masterclass Series – Adelaide: Session 4 – Employment Education

As Australia’s commitment to the defence industry continues to grow, Piper Alderman is pleased to deliver a second year of the “Defence Industry Masterclass”, a four-part series of panel discussions designed to navigate the law of the defence industry.

Employers in the defence industry, like many other industries face common issues in terms of hiring, managing and exiting employees. However, working in the defence industry represents its own unique challenges when it comes to managing employment and industrial issues and these include:

  • Balancing equal opportunity and ITAR requirements for current and prospective employees including consideration of whether you should apply for an exemption to allow discrimination based on an employee or applicant’s nationality;
  • Getting the structure right for fixed term and project based contracts. Employees v contractors and sham contracting risks;
  • Post-employment restraints, IP and confidential information in a specialised industry; and
  • Managing new whistleblower obligations and how these sit against the Public Interest Disclosure (PID) obligations which apply to Commonwealth contractors and subcontractors.