Graham Short

Strategic Advisor


Graham is recognised as a leading business and public policy executive with over 40 years’ experience. Having worked to CEO, Executive and Board levels in a number of industry sectors and State Government Departments, Graham has developed and maintained strong working relationships with Federal and WA Government Ministers, agencies, staff and politicians across all parties.

Graham is a Strategic Advisor working to support boards and senior officers to meet their obligations under the workplace health and safety regime. He conducts briefings, organisation and system reviews, critical investigations and participates in the regulator interface as part of employer defence in prosecutions

Graham has held senior executive roles in the WA crown law department as well as having services as the Legal Aid Commissioner. Graham is a registered lobbyist and guides organization’s in their interactions with government through the political and development approval process.

Graham is also Principal Consultant at Graham Short Consulting delivering a complete strategic advisory and management service to Governments and Industry clients across Australia assisting them in their decision-making processes, addressing business challenges, and developing new opportunities and strategies.




  • Fellow CPA (FCPA), and member of CPA Australia since 1984
  • Previous Legal Aid Commissioner / Board member
  • Previous Board member of Motorcharge Limited and other private Boards

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