Defence Industry Masterclass Series – Session One | ITAR – Fundamentals and Practice


Event date: 02 June 2022

Time: 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Timezone: UTC +9:30 ACST

CPD points: 1 Point

Contact email: [email protected]

As Australia’s commitment to the defence industry continues to grow, Piper Alderman is pleased to deliver another year of the ‘Defence Industry Masterclass”, a series of panel discussions designed to navigate the law of the defence industry.

Piper Alderman is committed to serving Australia’s defence industry. Our specialist team has experience working in the defence sector for both industry and government, and has consulted on a number of key defence projects

Session 1: ITAR – Fundamentals and Practice
Thursday 2 June

International Traffic in Arms Regulations, or ITAR, is the United States regulation that controls the export of defence and military related technologies from the US to other countries. It requires that certain weapon technologies can only be accessed by US citizens, unless granted permission by the US government.

This complex regime applies to almost everyone conducting business with US defence and defence suppliers, with non-compliant contractors facing potentially severe penalties for any breach. Companies seeking to ensure ITAR compliance often face a complex web of certification, access management and regulatory interpretation. With the advent of AUKUS and the construction of nuclear submarines in Australian facilities, a strong understanding of ITAR is important as never before for both primes and sub-contractors looking to work on this exciting project.

In this Defence Masterclass, Piper Alderman present a seasoned panel of experienced defence industry experts who will discuss ITAR, its legal and practical fundamentals, the impact that AUKUS will have upon defence contractors’ compliance with ITAR and their predictions for the future.

Join panellists:

This session is facilitated by Tim O’Callaghan, Deputy Managing Partner and Head of the Adelaide office.