Workplace Training

We love to know that our colleagues in key roles at major clients have all the forensic skills and specialist knowledge about legal frameworks they need to confidently deal with legal aspects of day-to-day work, and we work hard to make sure up-to-date training is available to back up those skills.

Our training offering to clients is comprehensive and provides the necessary skills transfer to ensure that your organisation is developing the capability of its own people, and not relying on bringing in expertise where it may not be necessary to do so.

We deliver training in areas such as:

  • Employment law essentials
  • Performance management and conducting workplace investigations
  • Bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, and complaint handling
  • Work health and safety basics
  • Enterprise bargaining and IR masterclass
  • Whistleblowing masterclass

These sessions are offered throughout the calendar year as part of our regular training program. You can register your interest with your regular contacts in our Employment Relations team to be kept up to date on our upcoming training sessions, or discuss a tailored training program for your organisation.


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