Employment Relations Masterclass Workplace Training Series

Investigations Masterclass with nationally recognised partner Joe Murphy.

Piper Alderman is pleased to announce the launch of our Masterclass Workplace Training Series for the 21/22 Financial Year.

We have re-launched our Investigations Masterclass for Q1 with nationally recognised partner Joe Murphy.

Take it from the Experts

Learn from the lawyers who not only conduct and advise on investigations, but also deal with the issues that arise with investigations every day in the Courts and Tribunals.

We guarantee that every participant, regardless of their level of experience, will walk away with career enhancing lessons and tips that will make you a better investigator, practitioner and in some cases manager.

In this interactive workshop we will be covering:

  • When to conduct workplace investigations
  • Who should conduct investigations
  • When to conduct a short form and long form investigation
  • Best-practice investigation methods
  • How to deal with common side tracks and complicated scenarios
  • Managing unions, lawyers and support persons through the process
  • Managing privacy and associated issues with evidence gathering techniques
  • Concluding investigations, including making findings and initiating disciplinary action

Attendees will also be provided with a workbook that includes top quality precedents for use in your investigations. These valuable tools alone are worth more than the cost of the training!

These sessions will be conducted via Microsoft Teams while COVID-19 restrictions persist. We will be limiting the number of attendees to ensure that the session remains as interactive as possible.

In order to encourage open discussion amongst participants, the sessions are conducted subject to everyone agreeing to the Chatham House Rule, which means participants can use the information in practice in their business but should not identify any organisation, individual or information that can be used to identify them.