A premier commercial law firm, Piper Alderman has offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. We work with clients across Australia and internationally to achieve optimum legal and commercial solutions.

Our legal expertise has been built, quite literally, on nearly two centuries of industry experience. Piper Alderman has been a leading advisor to commercial Australian interests for more than 175 years, and we continue to advance in knowledge, skills and commitment. Our impressive growth has been achieved by listening closely to our clients, responding to their needs and guiding them through increasingly complex economic and business landscapes.

We are a single, united, national partnership dedicated to outstanding teamwork as well as excellence in all our commercial and legal representation. A practical, pragmatic approach combined with ongoing pursuit of innovation defines Piper Alderman as a premium legal service provider. We understand the importance of building enduring client relationships and always prioritise client interests. This ensures we align with client needs, helping them achieve long-standing business goals.

With an enviable number of long-standing clients in our portfolio, Piper Alderman is proud to partner with our clients to help shape the future success of their business. We work with a broad range of clients on significant and ground-breaking projects, both in Australia and around the globe. Piper Alderman has been at the forefront of many emerging areas of law, from landmark rulings to new legislation. In this way, many of our lawyers and partners are having a genuine and lasting impact on Australia’s legal framework.