ONLINE WORKSHOP: Employment Relations Masterclass Workplace Training Series | Award Interpretation – Training in the Art of Modern Awards for HR and Operational Staff

Joining fee: $ 580

Event date: 23 August 2023

Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Timezone: UTC +9:30 ACST

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Piper Alderman is pleased to share its FY23 programming for the Masterclass Workplace Training Series.

The series includes workshops conducted by our nationally recognised experts in Employment Relations, offering comprehensive training solutions.

We provide the necessary skills transfer to ensure that your organisation is developing the capability of its own people.

Award Interpretation – Training in the Art of Modern Awards for HR and Operational Staff

Online Workshop: Wednesday, 23 August 2023

Modern Awards can be complex to understand and apply. This is particularly so when a business has more than one Modern Award applying across its workforce. For employers who inadvertently get Modern Award interpretation and application wrong, significant adverse consequences potentially apply, including civil penalties associated with a failure to pay workers correctly.

This training will cover the processes to follow to assess which Modern Awards apply to a business, and how to determine the correct classification. We will also look at the options available to a business for amending, excluding or otherwise lawfully complying with applicable Modern Awards in a way that best accommodates the business’s payroll and employment needs.

Specific areas discussed will include:

  • How to determine Modern Award coverage
  • The relevant industrial principles to assist with Award interpretation
  • Industry Awards vs occupation Awards
  • The correct approach when multiple Modern Awards apply in a workplace (and the benefits of Award mapping exercises)
  • The interaction between Awards and employment contracts
  • The interaction between Awards and the National Employment Standards (and other legislation)
  • Interpreting clauses such as penalty clauses
  • Taking advantage of flexibility provisions
  • The limited circumstances in which Award application can be circumvented
  • Some of the more unusual clauses that often catch employers by surprise

The workshop is open to all organisations, excluding other legal service providers.

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Emily Slaytor


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