ON DEMAND: 2024 Employment Relations Seminar Series | Closing the Loopholes – the Next Stage


Event date: 05 March 2024

Time: 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

Timezone: UTC +11 AEDT

CPD points: 1 Substantive Law Point

Contact email: [email protected]


Human resource managers


People managers


In-house legal counsel

With the Senate approving the Federal Government’s latest set of changes to the Fair Work Act, it’s timely to take stock of the ER landscape.

To bring you up to date, Professor Andrew Stewart and Sydney ER Partner, Ben Motro:

  • Briefly recap the Secure Jobs Better Pay changes that took effect last year
  • Summarise the first part of the Closing the Loopholes legislation passed in late 2023
  • Highlight the proposals split off into the latest Bill
  • Explain how these changes may impact employers

From the right to disconnect through same job same pay, delegates rights, new casual and employee definitions, and enterprise bargaining changes, plus more besides, this webinar will explain the ER issues facing business this year.

The session ran for 1 hour, with a further 15 minutes for questions.

The session should be attended by people managers and their advisors.

The workshop is open to all organisations, excluding other legal service providers.


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