2022 Financial Services and FinTech Webinar Series | PayTo


CPD points: 1 Substantive Point

Contact email: [email protected]

Piper Alderman invites you to join national Financial Services and FinTech partner Joshua Annese for a complementary lunchtime webinar discussing:

  • What is PayTo and how does it work?
  • What is the difference between PayTo and PayID and how do they work together?
  • What participation is and is not mandatory for financial institutions?
  • What are the key legal obligations that apply?
  • What do you need to understand about your institution’s systems, NPP setup and arrangements and what questions should you be asking your project and technical teams?
  • What changes are required to your existing NPP and PayID arrangements?
  • What should in-house legal and compliance professionals be doing now to ensure you are ready for go-live?


If you have any legal questions or require any legal assistance in relation to PayTo or the NPP please contact Joshua Annese.

This presentation will be online / virtual delivered through the ON24 Webcast platform.