Estate & Succession Planning

Superannuation death benefits – review succession plans

Regardless of the size of your superannuation benefits, it is vital that you sort out your estate plans to ensure that you have a well prepared estate plan so that the right assets go to the right beneficiaries.  You need to make sure that you get holistic estate planning advice and have arrangements in place to review your estate plans regularly. Estate plans are not to be set and forgotten.

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“Documents of the Trust”

The distinction between documents of the trust liable to be delivered up to incoming trustees and documents that a beneficiary of the trust may be entitled to see is part of the ongoing dispute in the Hancock and Rinehart families.

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Digital Assets – what’s the fuss?

A recent American case, where executors of an estate took action against Yahoo Inc. for the release of the deceased’s electronic email account (a “digital asset”) is interesting on several fronts.

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Protection to finalise administration of estate

The Victorian Supreme Court recently considered an application by the executors of an estate and the trustees of a trust to be at liberty to distribute the assets of the estate and trust without concern for any potential liability which may arise after distribution.

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