ADELAIDE & WEBINAR: Defence & Space Masterclass Series 2024 | Navigating Legal Frontiers for Commercial Space Operators


Event date: 12 June 2024

Time: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Timezone: UTC +9:30 ACST

CPD points: 1 Substantive Law Point


Prime Defence Contractors

Industry bodies


Join us for our next instalment of the Defence & Space Masterclass series, where Piper Alderman and Gilmour Space delve into the intricate world of Space from a commercial operator’s perspective.

In this session, we turn our gaze beyond to explore the fascinating realm of space law and contractual complexities providing valuable insights for businesses of all sizes covering:

  • Navigating International Space Law – gain insights into the international legal landscape governing commercial activities in space, tailored specifically for operators in the industry.
  • Contractual Challenges in Space Commerce – explore the contractual and commercial issues faced by operators in the space sector. Ranging from jurisdictional complexities, intellectual property protection, liability concerns and export controls, we will discuss practical solutions to navigate these challenges effectively.
  • Q&A Discussion – have burning questions about space law and commerce? Our expert presenters will be on hand to provide clarity and insights.


We are thrilled to have James Minchinton from Gilmour Space Technologies, a leading Australian technology and launch company, joining us to share exclusive insights into issues relating to space law as well as Gilmour’s progress to launching the first Australian made rocket to orbit, from the country’s first orbital launch facility.

Cap off the evening with networking opportunities, connecting with peers and industry leaders to exchange ideas and foster new collaborations.

Secure your spot now for an evening of exploration, learning, and networking in the dynamic realm of space commerce.


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