Webinar: Employment Relations National Seminar Series | The Final Phase: Managing and Dismissing Unvaccinated Employees (On Demand)

Many businesses have implemented not only required public health directions but also vaccination policy requirements in their workplaces. The need for those requirements appears set to continue for some time, but still some employees are seeking to ‘ride-out’ those requirements or otherwise resist choosing vaccination, asserting a variety of legal claims.

How do you deal with these individuals in the longer term in a way that best protects the business against legal action, such as unfair dismissals and unlawful discrimination?

Piper Alderman Employment Relations Partners, Tim Lange and Joe Murphy, will:

  • outline the necessary steps and considerations before you can dismiss an unvaccinated staff member; and
  • provide tips to avoid bullying, discrimination, and other types of claims currently being made by unvaccinated employees across the country.

The session is a must for all people managers.

This online presentation is delivered through the ON24 Webcast platform.

We look forward to you joining us for this insightful and timely discussion.


Webinar (On Demand)

Presented on: Tuesday, 30 November
Duration: Up to 90 minutes

The presentation is open to all organisations, excluding other Australian-based legal service providers.