2022 saw a year of upheaval in the Defence industry, with shifting geopolitics, a change of Federal Government and further Government investment into industry. Similarly, as the Space sector continues to grow at a rapid pace, particularly in South Australia, so does the need for sophisticated workplace policies and procedures.

As Australia’s commitment to both the Defence and Space industries continues to grow, Piper Alderman is pleased to deliver another year of the “Defence and Space Industry Masterclass”, a series of panel discussions designed to navigate the laws affecting these industries.

Please see the dates and topics outlined below. Full details will be provided in the New Year, with events held in Adelaide, and online attendance available nationally.

Each event is focused on key topics and issues facing the sector, with practical tips and tools provided by our specialist practitioners and industry leading guest speakers.

Our Masterclasses also provide an opportunity for industry peers and colleagues to meet one another, ask questions and share their experiences.

Employment Relations in the Industry
Wednesday, 12 April 2023
Recent amendments to the Fair Work Act and other proposed legislative changes for 2023 apply to all employers. Our Employment Relations Team will consider the current and proposed changes through the lens of industry, and discuss what steps organisations can be taking to prepare for these changes.
The Woomera Manual – The Law Applicable to Military and Commercial Activities in Space
Wednesday 25 October 2023
The space industry in South Australia has been the subject of significant investment and growth in recent years. Join us, and our specialist guest speaker, Dr Dale Stephens, as we: take a deep dive into the Woomera Manual; consider the legal landscape of the space industry; and, forecast developments, challenges, and opportunities in the years to come.

Please note invitations will be issued in 2023 for in-person and online registrations.

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Key Presenters

Tim O’Callaghan

Deputy Managing Partner

T +61 8 8205 3450

E [email protected]

Travis Shueard

Senior Associate

T +61 8 8205 3433

E [email protected]

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