Queensland Tolls Class Action

Queensland Tolls Class Action


A class action has been commenced against Queensland toll road operators (collectively “Linkt”), the State of Queensland (“State”) and Brisbane City Council (“BCC”), seeking compensation on behalf of persons that used a Queensland toll road, did not pay the required toll “on the spot” and, as a result, were invoiced for and paid additional administrative charges (“Class Members”).

The class action, referenced elsewhere online as the “Transurban class action” or the “Linkt class action”, alleges that Linkt has not complied with the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994 (Qld) (“Act”) and has unreasonably overcharged administration fees on unpaid tolls issued to Queensland toll road users. If the State and BCC set or imposed the amount of these fees, they are also alleged to have breached duties that are conferred on them by the Act.

Such administrative charges can amount to many thousands of dollars and cause hardship to those liable to pay them. 

What is the basis of the claim?

The law in Queensland permits Linkt to charge a “reasonable” charge for their cost of administering and collecting unpaid tolls.

However, when a motorist fails to pay a toll, Linkt charges them an initial administrative fee of $8.50 in addition to the toll and if that fee is not paid within 10 days, the administration charge rises to $23.81 for every notice.

The class action alleges these administrative charges to be excessive and not reflective of “reasonable” cost as permitted by Queensland law.

As such, the class action asserts that a bulk of these administrative charges should be refunded to Queensland toll road users.

Further information & contact

For further information about eligibility and registering your interest in the class action, visit https://www.qldtollsclassaction.com.au or contact us at [email protected] or on (07) 3220 7777. Updates are available on the website, or you can navigate there directly by clicking this link.