Qantas Flight Credits Class Action

Qantas Flight Credits Class Action

Piper Alderman has filed a Class Action in the Federal Court of Australia against Qantas Airways Limited (Qantas) on behalf of customers who purchased a ticket from Qantas during the period March 2020 to December 2021 (Relevant Period) and were subsequently issued one or more ‘flight credits’ following either a cancellation of their Qantas flight or self cancellation having been induced by Qantas to do same.

The Class Action is being funded by the world’s largest legal finance firm, Omni Bridgeway.

The contravening conduct which the Class Action alleges is that Qantas:

i) breached its contracts with customers upon the cancellation of flights or after inducing customers to cancel their tickets and thereafter failing to provide refunds within a reasonable period of time, or at all;

ii) engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct in breach of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) by misleading customers as to their rights to a refund and in respect of the flight credits;

iii) breached statutory consumer guarantees under the ACL;

iv) was unjustly enriched by retaining the value of the refunds paid by customers for flights that were cancelled or where customers were induced to cancel their tickets such that customers accepted flight credits under the mistaken belief as to their rights to a refund.

Group Members are customers who:

  1. purchased, had purchased on their behalf and/or held an airline ticket issued by Qantas; and
  2. were subsequently issued one or more flight credits by Qantas in respect of that ticket during the Relevant Period.

If you fall within the above definition, then you will be a Group Member irrespective of whether you have used your flight credit or received a refund.

If you meet the definition of a Group Member, we invite you to register for the class action by filling out your details below. If we require anything further from you, we will contact you on your registered email address or telephone number to discuss the action and your claim.

There are no upfront costs or out of pocket costs for registering to participate in the Class Action.