Case Studies

Monetisation of non-core assets to develop business for a technology firm

Piper Alderman assisted Archer Materials Limited (AXE) in the execution of a business strategy and diversification of business through acquisitions

Team: Josh Steele, Sam O'Neill

Service: Capital Markets & Capital Raisings | Corporate & Commercial | Mergers & Acquisitions
Sector: Energy & Resources | Mining

Archer Materials Limited (AXE) is a materials technology company that creates technologies that can spur transformational solutions to complex global challenges. So, the company is focused on developing semiconductors for the next generation ideal for a mobile and data-centric world. Initially listed on ASX in 2007 with a focus on mineral exploration in South Australia. Piper Alderman has worked with AXE for several years, assisting the organization to develop its business.

After discovering and developing a graphite mineral resource on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, AXE restructured its strategic direction in 2017 to focus on becoming a downstream advanced materials technology company. This included the development of room-temperature quantum computer chips and graphene-based biosensor technology. AXE also wanted to monetize its diverse exploration assets to fund the activity.

As a long-term legal partner for AXE, the Piper Alderman team assisted AXE in the execution of that strategy for several years. This included diversification of AXE’s business through the acquisition of Carbon Allotropes and the subsequent sale of AXE’s Leight Creek Magnesia Project. With its experience in commercial and corporate law, Piper Alderman was well-placed to assist AXE in overseeing this project. Our team was effective in advising and advising AXE to implement the strategy successfully.