Case Studies

Monetisation of non-core assets to develop emerging advanced materials business

Team: Josh Steele, Sam O'Neill

Service: Capital Markets & Capital Raisings | Corporate & Commercial | Mergers & Acquisitions
Sector: Energy & Resources | Mining

Initially listing on the ASX in 2007 with a primary focus on mineral exploration in South Australia, Piper Alderman has been fortunate to have assisted Archer Materials Limited (AXE) in the development of its business over a number of years.

After discovering and developing a graphite Mineral Resource on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, that was proven to be a successful feedstock to produce graphene (an advanced material with unique strength and conductivity qualities), AXE re-set its strategic direction in 2017 to focus on becoming a down-stream advanced materials technology company, including the development of a room temperature quantum computer chip and graphene-based biosensor technology and the monetization of its various exploration assets to fund that activity. 

Having previously advised AXE on various corporate and commercial matters, the Piper Alderman team had the opportunity to assist AXE in the execution of that strategy over a number of years, including the initial diversification of AXE’s business through the acquisition of Carbon Allotropes and the subsequent sale of AXE’s Leigh Creek Magnesia Project, the sale of its copper and cobalt projects to Chemx Materials and the sale of its Eyre Peninsula Kaolin and others assets to iTech Minerals.