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Pro bono advice and drafting agreement for not for profit organisation

Piper Alderman provided pro bono advice and drafted a founding agreement and set of rules that create an international presence for Nuffield International, including a structure for ongoing administration and governing membership.

Team: Simon Venus

Service: Commercial Contracts | Corporate & Commercial
Sector: Agriculture & Food

Nuffield International is a non-profit body that provides over-arching support and governance for Nuffield Farming Scholars member nations. After WWII Lord Nuffield initiated a traveling scholarship scheme for British and Empire farmers in recognition of their contribution to feeding the nation through the war. As a method of advancing the best agriculturalist practice around the world – the Nuffield International Farming Scholarship was born.

The members of Nuffield International participated together in a scheme set out in a code of practice. While the code of practice served members well, it was restrictive because it only allowed for decision-making at a conference held every three years. Members began reviewing the international structure soon after the triennial international conference in Ireland in 2008.

Piper Alderman provided initial pro bono advice and drafted a scoping paper to inform on decision-making structuring options. After agreement in principle on the structuring model, Piper Alderman drafted a founding agreement and set of rules. In September 2011 at the triennial international conference held in Adelaide, a final paper was presented to the governing bodies of each participating country and the structure and documentation approved. The new arrangements replace the code of practice with an agreement that creates an international presence for Nuffield and a structure for ongoing administration and governing membership. Piper Alderman’s experience in governance and administrative issues of non-profit entities was vital during the work.

What our client said

“Piper Alderman assisted us through a complex process that required development of a scoping paper, through to negotiating an arrangement acceptable to all participating countries. It required an understanding of structures suitable for a diverse international organisation, through to the practical and workable arrangements required to run such an organisation. Our experience demonstrates that Piper Alderman is a world class firm, and our organisation is most grateful for the assistance and guidance we received.”