Case Studies

Expansion and growth of an agricultural producer and supplier through mergers and acquisitions

Piper Alderman assisted Days Eggs in taking advantage of opportunities and growing its business through mergers and acquisitions.

Team: Simon Venus

Service: Corporate & Commercial | Mergers & Acquisitions
Sector: Agriculture & Food

Days Eggs is a leading producer and supplier of eggs and value-added egg products. The company has an ultra-modern production process that is fully integrated along the value chain from the rearing of day-old chickens to the point of lay to eggs on the supermarket shelf. 

In recent years the egg production industry in South Australia faced threats of cheap imports and changing legislation relating to cage sizes. This implied significant capital expenditure to upgrade facilities. Days Eggs’ founders realized that market positioning needed to be backed by infrastructure development and set out on a two-pronged expansion programme of acquisition and capital development. 

Days Eggs is a national leader in “clean” egg hygiene, operating its state-of-the-art egg washing and packing process at Two Wells. The company now boasts the most modern egg grading and packing facility in South Australia. It assists other industry producers in grading and packing, making it the South Australian egg industry hub. 

Piper Alderman assisted Days Eggs in taking advantage of opportunities and growing its business by acquisition. We have provided a broad range of advice on mergers and acquisitions, including the purchase of the “SYAD” and “Golden Eggs” businesses and the acquisition of the “Hahndorf,” “Two Wells,” “Napperby” and “Maple Leaf” production facilities. Piper Alderman is well-placed to offer the service because of its experience in mergers and acquisitions, commercial law, and corporate governance issues. 

What our client said

Dion Andary, Managing Director

“With the uncertain future of egg production in South Australia, it was a bold forward vision that was the driving force for our expansion. Our focus on local product and branding and our infrastructure development has under-pinned the company’s marketing drive into the major retailers, and ultimately our success. Piper Alderman were instrumental in providing the professional services required during our multiple stage expansion and development process.”