Employment Relations Podcast #7 – Is your business prepared for the employment law consequences of COVID-19?


Authors: Emily Haar, Professor Andrew Stewart

Service: Employment & Labour | Employment Relations Podcast | Work Health & Safety

In Episode 7 of our Employment Law for the Time Poor podcast, Professor Andrew Stewart and Emily Haar discuss some of the possible employment-law scenarios which could arise if your staff become sick (or think they might get sick and stay away from the office), or your office needs to close down, and what consequences might flow from that, in particular, who pays?


The first in a two-part series, this episode asks employers whether they are prepared for how staff will be managed in this uncertain time (taking a lead from reliable public health advice, but implementing appropriate workplace management depending on the particular workforce to give a clear path forward for the organisation.

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Piper Alderman is assisting clients on the spectrum of legal issue arising from the pandemic.  Please see our COVID-19 webpage for more information on areas including employment, industrial relations, construction law, government & defence, insolvency and property.