Case Studies

International trademarks management for an global financial services provider

Piper Alderman managed the international trademark portfolio on behalf of Pepper Group Pty Ltd.

Team: Tim O’Callaghan

Service: Trade Mark Enforcement | Trade Mark Registration | Trade Marks
Sector: Financial Services

Pepper Group Pty Ltd is an international financial services provider headquartered in Sydney, with offices in New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, the UK, and South Korea. The company has a range of international trademarks that required management and protection against infringement. Since 2010, we have assisted Pepper Group with its Intellectual Property matters.

Our work included establishing Pepper Group’s international trademark portfolio of over 70 trademarks across more than15 countries, including a large presence in China. We were also responsible for managing that portfolio and the responsible trademark agents in multiple jurisdictions and engaging in trademark prosecution work in Australia and overseas. With our experience in trademark management and associated legal matters, were also responsible for issuing letters of demand and engaging in litigation and other IP enforcement action in multiple jurisdictions. Through our work, we assisted in commercial transactions involving the trademarks including international license agreements and assignments. Piper Alderman was effective in fulfilling its mandate because of its broad experience in IP and trademark management.

What our client said

John Williams, General Counsel, Pepper Group

“Since 2010, Tim O’Callaghan and the IP team at Piper Alderman have assisted Pepper Group Pty Ltd (formerly Pepper Group) in the management of our international trade marks portfolio. This work has included arranging the filing of trade mark applications, infringement prevention actions and IP related commercial transactions in Australia and other countries where we have interests. We have been very happy with the standard of the work Tim’s team do for us. We have found them to be prompt, proactive and commercially focussed.”