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Seed Technology and Marketing Pty Ltd

Team: Bianca Jennings, Simon Venus

Service: Commercial Contracts | Corporate & Commercial | Foreign Investment & Trade | Intellectual Property
Sector: Agriculture & Food

Seedmark is a dynamic and innovative company which boasts more than 45 years experience in sales, marketing, distribution and commercialisation of seeds for agricultural field crops and pastures.

The company is one of the most respected seed businesses in the Southern Hemisphere. Seedmark produces in excess of 90 individual proprietary seed varieties and over 40 common seed varieties which it markets within Australia and in over 70 countries. It is at the forefront of seed technology and innovation and is constantly seeking diversification into new seed product groupings and new and improved versions of existing seed varieties.

Seedmark’s primary production area for pasture seed is the south-east of South Australia but the company also has significant pasture production capabilities in the other agricultural regions of South Australia as well as Western Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania.

Piper Alderman is proud to advise Seedmark on their commercial and contractual arrangements, including drafting seed licenses and end point royalty (EPR) arrangements, seed production and export supply contracts as well as distribution and seed storage, handling and logistics contracts.

What our client said

Craig Myall, General Manager

“It has been of huge advantage to our business to have a relationship with a law firm which possesses such a broad understanding of the agribusiness sector and in particular the contractual relationships which operate in that sector.”