Lexology Getting the Deal Through – Litigation Funding: Australia, 2020 Edition


Authors: Gordon Grieve, Greg Whyte, Martin del Gallego, Simon Morris

Service: Class Actions | Litigation Funding

Piper Alderman has for a fourth year contributed the Australian chapter of Litigation Funding 2020, published by Lexology Getting the Deal Through. The publication compares the legal and practical issues relating to third-party litigation around the world.

This year, the editors of the global guide highlighted that a successful matter run by Piper Alderman in the Supreme Court of Queensland (Murphy v Gladstone) was a landmark decision confirming the validity of the class action funding business model in jurisdictions whose legislatures have not abolished the tort of maintenance and champerty.

Australia is a leading jurisdiction for commercial third party litigation funding and Piper Alderman has been at the forefront of the litigation funding industry since its inception. We ran some of the original cases that opened up third party funding in Australia, leading the world in third party funding.

Download the Australian chapter here.

Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. Lexology Getting the Deal Through: Litigation Funding 2020, (published in December 2019; contributing editors: Steven Friel and Jonathan Barnes, Woodsford Litigation Funding Ltd).

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