Commissions & Inquiries

Royal Commissions and Commissions of Inquiry have played an increasingly important role in Australian business, political and social life. Businesses and individuals caught up in such inquiries face significant commercial and reputational risks.

Piper Alderman has over 40 years of experience in dealing with commissions and inquiries and has held significant roles in virtually all recent major inquiries and Royal Commissions.  Those roles have involved boards, directors and officers, insurers, insurance brokers, auditors and various advisors to boards.

Experience and expertise counts not only in managing commissions and inquiries and the relevant hearings but also in anticipating and preparing for the likely risk of litigation or prosecution if any adverse findings are made during the course of the proceedings.

Whilst adverse findings are not conclusive matters of fact that can be used in evidence directly in subsequent litigation, such findings highlight information which can be used by counsel and the solicitors acting, as well as regulators, such as ASIC and APRA.

Investigations or prosecutions against specific Boards, directors and officers, can often implicate others, such as professional advisors to those parties, including auditors, accountants and lawyers.

Piper Alderman has the experience and expertise to take into account these important strategic considerations throughout an inquiry (and in its aftermath), whilst ensuring services are provided responsively and in the most effective and efficient manner given inevitable time pressures.


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