Employment Relations Podcast #22 – Moving to a vaccinated economy: What is an employer to do?


Authors: Emily Haar, Tim Lange

Service: Employment & Labour | Employment Relations Podcast

In Episode 22 of our Employment Law for the Time Poor Podcast, Partners Tim Lange and Joe Murphy discuss with Emily Haar what steps an employer can take in both implementing government mandates and internal policies, and also how to manage the scenario when an employee does not comply.

The next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia is beginning.  With vaccination rates increasing, the economy is looking to open up. In some circumstances, the State and Territory governments have imposed obligations on workplaces to ensure only those who are vaccinated attend for work.  In other situations, the decision about vaccination and the workplace has been left to the employers.  In either scenario, employers are balancing a range of different obligations and considerations about how to proceed.

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