Bullying & Harassment

There is an increased focus on businesses to ensure the early identification and eradication of bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace. There is also an increased willingness for workers to allege bullying and harassment.

Everyone has a right to feel safe at work. However, as the modern workplace evolves and the use of social media and offsite flexible working arrangements, blur the line between the private and the work related, an employer’s need to regulate behaviours becomes increasingly complex.

Adding to this complexity is the increase in historical claims of bullying and sexual harassment which can call into question businesses’ past shortcomings and create exposure to unforeseen liability.

Our team are experts in creating robust systems and policies for your workplace. Striking the balance between meeting legal obligations and commercial practicality, we can work with your business to manage past and current risk and influence culture. We can also provide customised training for managers or employees.

In addition, we are highly-skilled at resolving and managing disputes both at a workplace level and in the Fair Work Commission, courts and tribunals.


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