Lexology Getting the Deal Through – Data Protection and Privacy, 2023 Edition


Authors: Andrea Beatty, Andrew Rankin, Craig Subocz, Joshua Annese, Lis Boyce

Service: Privacy & Data Protection

Piper Alderman partners, Joshua Annese, Andrea Beatty, Lis Boyce, Andrew Rankin, with Senior Associate Craig Subocz have contributed the Australian chapter of Getting the Deal Through – Data Protection and Privacy, 2023 Edition, published by Lexology.

The guide covers a range of topics including key legislation; treatment of breaches; data handling responsibilities of personal information (PI) owners; security obligations; internal controls, including the data protection officer; transfer and disclosure of PI; rights of individuals; judicial supervision; specific data processing use cases, such as cookies, electronic communications marketing, and cloud services; and recent trends.

Download the Australian chapter here.

Reproduced with permission from Lexology Getting the Deal Through: Data Protection and Privacy 2022, (published in July 2022 ; © Copyright 2006 – 2021 Law Business Research).