Whistleblower Protections

A massive expansion to Australia’s private-sector whistleblower protection laws commenced on 1 July 2019. The practical and proactive management of whistleblower disclosures under those laws and under other similar legislative schemes is a key risk management exercise for Australian businesses.

Successfully navigating a private-sector whistleblower protection scheme means having the skills and specialist support to know how it can work for your business, and how (when issues arise) they can be practically managed according to comprehensive and informed risk assessment that includes accounting for corporate reputation, avoidance of management disruption, dealing with regulator attention, long-term good governance and identification of potential financial exposure.

Speak to our employment relations team about:

  • What whistleblower protection schemes are likely to apply at your organisation
  • Policies and practices to manage whistleblower expectations in line with good corporate governance and mandatory policy content
  • Training for recipients of protected disclosures
  • Strategies to manage confidentiality obligations and at the same time comprehensively deal with systemic issues thrown up by a protected disclosure
  • Case-by-case protected disclosure management and conduct of investigations
  • Management of exposure created by protected public or emergency disclosures to media or journalists


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